About us

About Velmount Property Managment

Velmount Property Managment was set up in 2008 as a property management service and a home loan arranger in Bangalore. Over the time, we have expanded our offerings to a variety of services like real estates transaction service, interior designing, property management services, valuation related services , home loan consultant and services of a construction contractor. The firm has managed to become a trustworthy name in the market due to unrelenting efforts of its founder, M Hari Bhaskar, who started out as a real estate professional with multinational real estate organization. Its been Hari's abiding principle to change the way the real estate business works by adopting a policy of complete transparency and trust, and that principle helped Velmount secure extensive recommendations and a reference link into the high net worth individuals in bangalore city, and from there, has proliferated abroad on reference strength alone.

We take pride in bringing to the client a range of solutions to choose from - and our hallmark is that we help the client form a judgement based on genuine and viable alternatives to choose from. We have experienced, on numerous occasions, where the clients have changed their mind, or have reduced otr increased their investments, and we believe firmly that a successful agent is the one who can adapt to the clients changing perceptions. We have always strived to treat the clients wishes as a guiding post because, its our firm belief that any transaction must first satisfy the clients perception, help client refine his thinking, and use our transparency to help client enhance his own understanding. The philosophy is to maintain the quality across all interactions, and to avoid exposing the client to any evasion of responsibilities. So, we have built a network of trustworthy competent and reliabhle specialists - so we are uniquely poised to provide compete range of services - be it loans, be it property registration and documentation, be it architectural design compliant with local regulations, or be it managing the property for outstation clients.

The Two key positions we take

1. One is that any activity must be time bound, and we treat clients' time as a resource on par with clients investment plan. Therefore, we operate on self imposed, client approved deadlines, and never allow the clients requirements to drift.

2. Second key position is that any real estate transaction is actually a convergence of many specialist skills - so, we strive to bring all the trustworthy specialists under one umbrella.